Hitting Reset

I’m Devin L. Ganger. In my dream job I write speculative fiction, but I have no fiction published yet. In my current day job I’m a senior IT architect. I am a space enthusiast, electronics hobbyist, and amateur radio operator. I enjoy hiking, boating, and karate. I am a passionate soccer fan. My wife and I have a growing number of adult kids and we are owned by two cats. These interests directly inform and shape the fiction I write.

I started blogging back in the waning days of Usenet and the rise of LiveJournal. In the mid-2000s I started Devin on Earth, which mainly focused on technical issues from my career and various addendum from my hobbies, hosting the site on a server farm I ran at home. After a few years I decided that systems administration needed to stay at work and not follow me home, so decommissioned my servers and moved my blog to a hosted website. This again worked well for many years and I remained an active blogger.

However, in the past several years I’ve barely posted. As my job has evolved, my technical interests have changed. Even with the cloud hosting tools, my site required too much work to maintain the integrity of the software installation. I let it rot and then felt guilt about the neglect, which made it harder to come up with new content.

2019 was a hell of a year that kicked my ass in several ways. But I’m kicking back. I’ve cleared out deadwood and clutter that I’ve been holding on to for too long, such as all the stale content in my old blog.

With this reset, I will focus on my fiction writing and make that my priority. I may still write occasionally about technology or my hobbies, but this site exists as an outlet for my writing. Devin on Earth 2.0 — new, fresh, ready to move forward.

Thanks for joining me.

Published by Devin L. Ganger

He/him | #BlackLivesMatter | IT geek, space nerd, guitarist, writer | Social Justice Monk | Train yourself to be kind (it's hard)

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